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Pastor’s Pen

14th Sunday in OT (Cycle C)

July 2-3, 2022

Gospel:  Luke 10:1-12, 17-20

Have you ever had Jehovah Witnesses come to your door?  Most people have.  They come two by two, sometimes accompanied by their children.  They are well dressed and polite.  At the very least they offer you a free copy of their publication called Watchtower.  If given just a toehold in the door, they are willing to engage you in conversation about SALVATION as long you are willing…   

Do you know people like that

Everybody has their own response to these persistent missionaries.  Some welcome the challenge and invite the visitors in to chat.  Others gather the family in a back room and pretend no one is home.

Regardless of our feelings about the Jehovah Witnesses, we cannot argue about their conviction, their dedication, their willingness to give time and energy despite continued rejection.  They go out like the disciples in today’s gospel, two-by-two, sharing what they see as the TRUTH, hoping, just hoping, for a listening ear.

If door-to-door evangelism is not within your comfort zone, [and it is not within mine], what methods can be used to effectively reach others with The Good News TODAYThe gospel command to evangelize is as much ours as it was the disciples 2,000 years ago.  That we must do it is not an option.  How we can effectively do it is a challenge. 


Prayer: a disciple brings others to Christ before bringing Christ to others.  Jesus ALWAYS went to the Father in prayer before making any big decisions.  We pray in advance for those we will meet today who do not know Christ.  We pray: for ways to touch the person, the ability to keep loving despite rejection, for the right words, for compassion, for their receptive ear and open heart.

Care: your lived faith will do more to open doors than any words.  Show genuine interest.  Caring connects with others.  Jesus showed that he cared: how do we know? He healed, he hugged, he fed, he forgave, he drove out demons, he suffered, he died.  We show care when we are sensitive to people’s needs.  That can mean a listening ear, a phone call, a shared meal, help with baby-sitting, financial aid as possible, emotional support… just to name a few…

Share:  now is the time to tell YOUR story.  David shared his story… in the psalm today, he says, “Hear now, all you who fear God, while I declare what he has done for me.”

What has God done for you lately? What does an outline of your faith journey look like?  It is personal for each of us.  Pinpoint pivotal times along the way.  Who were your faith builders?  Who helped you see God more clearly?  The witness of an earthly parent helped many of us understand better the love God has for each person. 

Pretend that someone asks: “What has God done for you?”  Practice the answer.  Put no pressure on the listener.  Your “witness” is just your story, which hopefully plants seeds of curiosity to know more. 

People have recounted King David’s witness for 3,000 years; Paul of Tarsus for 2,000 years.  We need to tell our story for OUR age.  Our going out “two-by-two” may be no further than our living room or a wedding reception… but we must witness… 

Dare:  step out and invite the person to accept Jesus’ love and salvation.  A salesperson will never close a deal without asking the question; “Do you want to buy?  Please sign on the dotted line.”  As salespersons for Jesus, we have to get to the point where we say, “Do you want Jesus to be a part of your life, too?”  Make the offer practical – invite the person to liturgy, or the catechumenate or communal penance…

Jesus models evangelism from beginning to end.  He prayed.  He cared.  He shared.  He dares us.  This day we again accept His invitation to come and dine with Him at the Eucharistic banquet.  We ask that He will help us to extend the invitation to others.  For many, this is not easy, for all, it is made possible. The master is sending workers to gather the harvest.  He sends us.  We only need to be on our way.

Chip, a Louisville priest, is also a talented and passionate fisherman.  He called Dale, a brother priest, on the night before the fishing season was to open.  Frankly, Dale was not much of a fisherman, but agreed to go.  Dale would rather walk on his lips over broken glass… but what the heck?

Early the next morning, they were walking along the shore of Chip’s favorite fishing spot.  Suddenly, Chip stopped.  “See them?  See them?” he exclaimed.

“See what?”  Dale asked.

“The fish, dummy!  There’s bass out there!”

“Really?” said Dale, beginning to get excited. 

Chip found a suitable spot, got his rod and reel ready, then handed Dale a green bass plug.  “Use this” Chip ordered.  “And take care of it.  I’ve caught more than a hundred bass with that plug.”  Then Chip made a cast into the cove. 

Immediately he caught a two pound bass.  Then he did a strange thing.  He took it off the hook, held it up for Dale to see, kissed it, and threw it back into the water. 

“Why did you do that?” asked the puzzled Dale. 

“You want to catch more fish, don’t you?” said Chip.


“OK, then keep fishing.”

Suddenly, Dale’s line tugged and ecstatically he reeled in a HUGE bass.  He held it up for Chip to see.

Chip simply said, “Well…?” 

“Well, what?” asked Dale

“You want to catch more fish don’t you?” 

So, obediently, Dale kissed his prize catch on the gills and threw it back into the water. 

When they left the fishing hole that day, Chip has caught 14 more fish and Dale took home 22.  Do you suppose the fish that were kissed went back to tell their friends what nice guys Chip and Dale were and that it was alright to take their bait?                                                             What bait do you take?     

Furnishing Our House…

The Parish Activity Center, a new addition to our parish family home, will be completed soon. It’s time to start thinking about how we are going to furnish our home. Just like when you bought your first home and had to figure out how to furnish it, we are planning now on what we need for interior finishings, what they will cost and how we will pay for them.

To start, we know we will need things like tables and chairs, kitchenware, recreational equipment as well as IT, security and audio equipment. In addition, we’d like to make improvements to the old church and parish hall, including flooring, painting and new windows.

Now we need our parish family to help furnish our new parish home. Our estimates put the total cost around $160,000. You can find a list of items needed located on a table in the main church entrance. Monies that continue to be donated to the Expanding Our Embrace campaign will be used to help fund the furnishing of the Parish Activity Center and improvements to the Parish Hall and old church.

Please consider donating in one of the following ways.  You can visit the St. Francis Xavier website and click on the Giving tab and choose the Capital Campaign option (click here). You can continue to use your Expanding Our Embrace envelopes or write in the “For” section of your check “Expanding Our Embrace” or “Capital Campaign.” You can put these in the church collection baskets or drop them by the church office. Feel free to contact the church office if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your prayerful consideration!