Fr. Dale’s Homily

11th Sunday of OT (Cycle B)

June 15-16, 2024

Gospel:  Mark 4:26-34

This week’s headlines from a national Catholic weekly newspaper read:

Long homilies are ‘a disaster’, keep it under 10 minutes, pope says

How many of you could have written that headline?  As an average homilist, I get teased… a lot, on keeping my words short.  Speaking (off the cuff) to diocesan liturgical directors in Rome, the Holy Father said homilies are not academic conferences.  He went on to say, “I sometimes hear people say, ‘I went to this parish, and yes it was a good philosophy lesson, … 40 to 45 minutes’” … ☹ 

The pope encourages priests to keep their homilies to ‘not more then eight to ten minutes’ and always include in them ‘a thought, a feeling, and an image so that the people may bring something home with them.”

Of course, a priest of my youthful looks and advanced years immediately thinks that Pope Francis is talking about the baby priests.  Truth be told, he is.  But mature priests like me, better listen and do what the Big Boss has to advise.

As we heard in the Gospel, seeds are small things that produce a bountiful harvest.  If you water the seeds you have heard of today in the scriptures, wait to see what they produce for you tomorrow. 

I am reminded of what comedian George Burns said a million years ago, when delivering a homily, have a great opening with a great closing and keep the two as close together as possible. 😊

And so, friends, I acquiesce to Pope Francis’ advise… but just for today