Upcoming Events

Safe Environment Training at SFX June 10th

The Archdiocese of Louisville is committed to ensuring that children and youth who worship, study or participate in church-sponsored activities can do so in the safest and most secure setting possible. In an effort to fulfill this commitment, all employees or volunteers who have contact with children or youth (18 and under) for ANY length of time are required to

  1. Participate in an Archdiocese Safe Environment Training (SET) Workshop (2 hour session).
  2. Complete an Archdiocese Criminal Background Check every 5 years.

St. Francis Xavier will be hosting Safe Environment Training on Monday, June 10th, from 6:30-8:30PM in the Parish Hall. The training moves around the Louisville area throughout the year, but here is your chance to catch it close to home. No registration is necessary, just arrive prior to 6:30 and plan to stay for the full 2 hours.