Upcoming Events

Tai Chi in The Xavier Center

We are excited to announce that Tai Chi will be offered in the Xavier Center Meeting Room beginning August 3rd and will meet on Wednesdays at 10AM for 8 weeks. This class will utilize a program developed for patients with diabetes by Dr. Paul Lam. While the focus is on those with diabetes, ALL are welcome to join!

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that is proven to  strengthen muscles, improve stamina, and reduce blood pressure.  Anyone wishing to take the class should check with their Doctor first.  On class days, wear loose fitting clothing, comfortable shoes and bring water.  Classes will last one hour. The exercises will be done in a standing or seated position. It will not be necessary to move to the floor. Classes are being offered at no charge.

Contact Martha Thomas at (502) 904-0330  or email at martha7155@hotmail.com to register and for more information. Martha has been practicing Tai Chi for 15 years and is an Authorized Master Trainer, who has been teaching for more than 5 years.