A Christmas Message 2023

Dear Parishioners and Friends of SFX Parish,

As we commemorate the birth of Jesus, I wish to express blessings and good wishes to all of you in this holy season.  What a treasure it is to be with those we love and how blest we are to have the opportunity to do so.  There are many of our sisters and brothers, especially in the Commonwealth, who are finding this year most difficult because of the loss of life, home and work at the hand of Mother Nature.  We must bond with those who hurt so as to keep Christ’s Light of Hope within sight.  Emmanuel is timeless and lives within everyone through ‘good times and bad’.  A weary world needs to remember that God sent His best effort, His Son, to all generations so that we can move from despair to trust.  He knows how tough it is to do… that is why he sends us Grace so we can move one foot in front of the other.

As pastor, I thank you all for your wonderful support and stewardship of time, talent and treasure that you live every day.  Our ancestors-in-faith see and know what you do in their memory.  How can they not?  They know all things because they now know God as God is.  God does not disappoint… ever.

In Christ the Cornerstone,

Father Dale