An Invitation from Fr. Dale

Saint Francis Xavier Parish will be participating in a program entitled #iGiveCatholic on Tuesday, November 28th from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.  During this 24-hour crowd-funding event, all the Catholic parishes will be celebrating our Catholic faith and supporting all the Catholic formation programs that shape our souls.  Funds from our parishioners will be used for purchasing new furniture, classroom rugs and bulletin boards for the Religious Education building foyer.  In addition, we will make technology updates, purchasing Smart TV’s for each classroom and making the necessary upgrades to improve Wi-Fi while increasing our streaming capability.  Most importantly, we will make better security upgrades to ensure safety and security of our students.  An Advanced Giving Phase will run from Monday, November 13th through Monday, November 27th where online and offline gifts will be welcomed and appreciated.

Make no mistake, your gift will make an impact!  Please embrace the invitation to invest in our Children’s Religious Formation and Education; visit #iGiveCatholic and search for our parish… (remember, there are 2 SFX’s in the archdiocese).  I know your generosity will inspire others to also give. For more information, please contact our parish office for direct donations or the parish website if you are electronically inclined to do so.

Thanks for your consideration and support.  God bless!