July 16, 2020 8:20 pm

July 16, 2020

of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

parishioner and friend of SFX,

hope that this week’s communique finds you well and happy. This coming Saturday, we welcome into our
faith-family four people who have prepared all year long to become confirmed active
Catholics. It will be a great day of joy
for them and us. Also, on August 1st,
twenty of our young children will receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first
time. Not only are they excited, so are
their families and friends. And on
August 3, another twenty of our youth will receive the Sacrament of
Confirmation so as to become a more dedicated, spirited member of the family of
God. We have longed for these events and
we also pray for safety in all three celebrations.

Friday, July 12, Governor Andy Beshear, by executive order, made masks / facial
coverings a mandatory thing for all persons when it comes to being in public
places … at least for the next 30
days (which I am sure will be reassessed).
While wearing a facial covering is not a pleasant act to do, it is out
of respect for the other person who might be vulnerable to COVID19. Archbishop Kurtz has reiterated his directive
of the requirement for masks to be worn on all our Catholic campuses. He asks pastors to reiterate his message. In his brief letter, the archbishop states
that “Catholic social teaching is
grounded in the common good. The use of
masks or face coverings, except for very
young children or those who have a physical condition that restricts their
ability to wear masks, is an important exercise of our commitment to the
common good during this public health crisis”. As pastor (and a 65 year old man with a 30+ year history of diabetes), I personally thank you so much for
adhering to the directives that come to us from the archbishop and the
governor. Playing it safe, is the best action of a people who care about one
another. God bless you in your discomfort in wearing the best tool we
know at this time to “ward off” COVID.

also want to thank you all again for
your gifts of Stewardship in Time, Talent and Treasure. The power of these cannot be overestimated
and not presumed. You are doing a great job at being at dedicated member of your
faith family.

Christ the Cornerstone,

Father Dale