January 28, 2019 3:00 pm

Today’s Reflection

Today we are all well aware that the word “heaven” does not designate a place beyond the stars but something much greater and more difficult to express, namely, that God has a place for us and that God gives us eternity….God never passes away, and we all exist because he loves us, because he brought us into existence by his creative act. His love is the foundation of our eternity….It is his love that makes us immortal, and this immortality, this abiding love, is what we call “heaven.” Heaven, then, is none other than the certainty that God is great enough to have room even for us. Nothing that we treasure or value will be destroyed. As we ponder all this, let us ask the Lord on this day to open our eyes ever more fully to it; to make us not only people of faith but also people of hope, who do not look to the past but rather build for today and tomorrow a world that is open to God.
– Pope Benedict XVI
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