Capital Campaign & Stewardship Update


The good news is we are ahead in our giving to the capital campaign. We are in our 24th month of a 3 year campaign and we are at $1,041,865.  It’s outstanding what we continue to collect and a testament to the parish and their generosity. We are 77% of our total in pledges. Keep it up! Thank you to so many who are continuing to give! On the flip side, however, we are down in our regular collection giving by approximately $20,000. While we certainly are most grateful for your generosity for both collections, we’d love to see our regular giving catch up with our budgeted amount year to date. We have made our plans for funding the building of our Parish Activity Center and renovation on our old church and parish hall, based on both our capital campaign pledges and our stewardship giving. If anyone would like to give an extra amount to help in getting us caught up on our regular stewardship collection, we would appreciate it. We are certainly mindful of our economic times and would appreciate any sacrifice that you make.