6/4 Update from Fr. Dale

June 5, 2020
Feast of Saint Boniface

Dear parishioner and friends of SFX,

This past weekend (May 30-31), we began the 11:00 AM mass.  We who ministered liturgically wondered how many would come.  I think 50+ is a good starting point considering (A) how COVID19 still affects our lives and plans and (B) something “new” on our Mass Schedule which depends on you spreading the word about it.  I feel that this 11:00 AM opportunity will grow as it also helps with the social distancing that is currently required.  Being the good stewards you are, please encourage others of our faith-family to come when he or she feels ready (weekday mass is a possibility). That personal touch makes all the difference and can never be underestimated.  The power of suggestion is like taking “the road less traveled”, it really does make all the difference.

On another note, while so many words continue to be written and spoken about the lawlessness in our metropolitan city, country and world, we can affect change through sincere reflective prayer and modeling positive discipleship to a world that sure needs “justice for all”.  We need hear and speak an upbeat message, not a beat up one.  My friends, there really are voices out there that “encourage”.  One such voice is a newly ordained Franciscan priest who can be found on U-tube.  His name is Casey Cole, OFM.  He was to have been at a local parish this month but, as with everyone, plans change.  I encourage you to Google his name and listen to a few of his recorded messages.  He is a good voice to hear and his sandals are planted in reality… which means Father Casey looks on the better side of humankind. There are not too many who can speak to young and old alike but this friar can… and does.  Give him a chance…

I am keeping each one of you in my prayers at daily mass and during the Eucharistic Devotion that follows.  It is an honor to serve God with you.  Stay strong and watch out for that pest called ‘complacency’.  God gives you and me the Grace we must have to live this life on life’s terms.

In Christ the Cornerstone,

Father Dale