10/30 Update from Fr. Dale

October 30, 2020
Dear Parishioners and Friends of SFX,

Greetings!  Glad to have you ‘tune-in’ to this communique with you!  There are a few important items that I am sharing with you today.  The first is a statement of deep gratitude to all the people who have worked and supported our fundraiser AuctionFest.  To even have such an event during these days of COVID, was a test. But to have it as a great success is a great tribute to your Spirit and Will. God bless all those who participated in any way.  God bless cause He knows who you are!  And congratulations to Vincent Sivori on winning the Grand Prize!

Also, I would also like to share a very important message that I gave in my last mailing… it is this.  As a pastor (and you as a head of a household), I worry about having enough monies for our parish’s mission and work.  Growing up as a GE family, we lived paycheck to paycheck.  That is how a lot of you grew up, too.  While I am glad that we are a solid and stable parish, I petition you to up your gift of treasure, as best you can, for the parish and her work.  Next weekend’s bulletin will report that we are about $10K in the redand, as pastor, this is a great worry of mine.  In order to turn red into black, I ask that you please share your gifts as God shares His with you.  If you are perhaps still in a quarantine mode (which is so understandable with this upswing of COVID), please know of our daily prayer for you and I personally ask you to send in your stewardship of treasure.  Your parish is in need… and you do make the difference.  God bless you all!

Lastly, as we get further into this pandemic, we find ourselves (in Bullitt and Jefferson counties) to be among the 62 red ‘hot spots’ in the commonwealth.  As a responsible response to the situation, and in doing our part as good citizens, I, as pastor, am suspending only all non-liturgical meetings and events beginning this Monday, November 2 through at least November 16 so that we can make a difference.  I absolutely do not take this lightly.  Having contacted leaders personally, I shared this decision and was given support in it.  So, in order to keep our campus as safe as possible, only those times that revolve around prayer will continue during this period… such as weekend and weekday masses, reconciliation/confessions, Eucharistic Devotion on Tuesdays and Fridays, the prayer service for All Souls Day (November 2), any funeral or baptism or a sacramental wedding.  We will work even harder to make sure we can come together in prayer.

I ask that you continue to pray for those who are living and coping with COVID-19 as well as those who take care of them.  Archbishop Kurtz and I also remind everyone to wear facial coverings (that covers mouth and nose both) when on the SFX Campus.  It is much more than a suggestion, it is a mandatory requirement that comes to us from the archdiocese and the commonwealth… one with which we can live!

In Christ the Cornerstone,

Father Dale